TECorp operates internationally with the philosophy of partnerships, education and technology transfer. Our international projects are structured to maximize the benefit to local contractors and economies. TECorp engineers work side by side with engineers and support staff from host countries throughout development to completion to facilitate overall implementation of the projects.


Combining proven process techniques with innovative ideas, TECorp’s onshore and offshore facilities design offers maximum flexibility, reliability and safety. Our facilities know-how includes a full range of professional experience in oil and gas production, treating and processing, underground storage, measurement, compression and transmission. TECorp’s multi-disciplined team has firsthand experience in project development, construction and operations.


TECorp’s onshore and offshore facilities expertise is completed by a full range of onshore and offshore pipeline technology. Our skills encompass flowlines, gathering systems, main trunklines and networks, gas-transmission systems, measurement and custody transfer. TECorp also has extensive experience in the specialized areas of two phase flow, large slug-catcher facilities and pipeline directional drilling.


TECorp’s experience in gas projects includes everything from field processing to gas treatment and purification, hydrocarbon dew point control, dehydration, liquids extraction, fractionation and stabilization. Our refrigeration experience features mechanical compression evaporation systems and turboexpanders.


TECorp’s computer systems are no substitute for the experience and criteria judgment of the experienced engineer, but they do provide invaluable support, and sometimes, vital assistance in complex analysis and problem solving. We recognize this important role in design and automated drafting, and we remain committed to maintaining advanced state-of-the-art computer hardware systems supported by an array of proprietary software developed specifically for our industries.


TECorp's experienced personnel include specialists in purchasing and supply-chain management functions, certified C.P.M. (Certified Purchasing Manager) who maintain ethical relationships with suppliers and trade organizations. Expertise includes managing pre-award contract activities, RFQ, pre-qualification, bid evaluation, negotiations, placing of contract award, post-award contract management and administration, change order management, progress measurements and post-contract audits.